Silver Birch Leaf

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Height:          18-25m

Flowers:      April-May

Fruit:            Sept-Oct 

Age:  up to 120 years



Overview: The silver birch is a graceful and attractive tree with its light airy foliage and distinctive white peeling bark. A common tree that is planted in gardens due to it does not cast very heavy areas of shade. Quite a narrow growing tree with drooping branches, this tree is favoured by birds of the tit family as it will normally be home to a number of small insects.

Leaf Shape: A pale green triangular shaped leaf with 'double teeth' (the teeth have teeth) up straight sides

Where found: At Shieling Holidays it grows in both the damp marshland and in the drier woodland. It prefers sandy or acidic soils although it is common in most conditions. (Map D4 & E5)

Uses past and present:
Birch has a number of human uses. The timber has traditionally been used in Scotland in houses, furniture, carts, ploughs, gates and fences. While other parts of the UK used to shun the use of birch except for its traditional use of broomsticks. Other parts of the tree were also useful.  Silver birch wine is still commercially made in Scotland.
In medieval times, a bundle of birch twigs was carried by the local magistrate on his way to court as a symbol of his authority and as a means of correction.

Betula pendula
Silver Birch

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